What is Acrylic Carpet? The Pros and Cons

By Samuel N •  Updated: 02/03/23 • 

There are different types of carpet fibers around. The most popular ones are nylon, polyester, and polypropylene/Olefin. However, other materials are available, such as acrylic, wool, silk, jute, and more. Choosing the right material for your carpet will hugely impact most of your carpet’s qualities, like its durability, cost, and much more.

Acrylic is one of the cheapest carpet fibers around. Is an acrylic carpet right for you? This post will discuss acrylic carpets and their pros and cons. Enjoy.

What is Acrylic Carpet?

Acrylic carpets are made from a polymer called polyacrylic, which is a synthetic fiber. Acrylic fibers are used in carpeting because they are durable and highly resistant to staining. It is also cheap to manufacture and simpler to maintain than its alternative, wool. Compared to wool, acrylic also comes with bright hues and can take direct sunlight without fading too much compared to other carpeting materials.

Acrylic carpets also come in acrylic/wool blends. The use of wool sparingly with acrylic increases the durability of the carpet while at the same time keeping the cost low.

Pros of Acrylic Carpet

It is Cheaper

Acrylic is one of the cheapest carpet fibers in the market. If you’re looking for a carpet with wool-like properties, acrylic is an affordable option to check out. Acrylic carpets are also great if you need to cover a lot of space at a cheaper price.

Moth Resistant

Carpet moths are now a common pest in our homes. The larvae of carpet moths are responsible for destroying our carpets and other natural fiber materials like clothes and other furnishings. Since acrylic is a synthetic fiber, it is immune to moths.

Carpet Moth

Resistant To Water Based Stains

Acrylic carpets are resistant to most water-based stains and have low water absorbency. This makes them great for water and moisture-ridden areas in your home, such as basements.

Cons of Acrylic Carpet

Not Durable

Acrylic is less durable than other carpet fibers, say nylon or wool. If you have pets and children or want a carpet for high-traffic areas, nylon or wool should be a better choice. It also needs better resiliency which makes it unsuitable for high carpet piles.

Not Stain Resistant

Although acrylic carpets are resistant to water-based stains, they tend to accumulate dirt and greasy stains. If colors get onto the carpet, try cleaning up quickly. Alkaline chemicals, when in contact with an acrylic carpet, can cause the browning of the fibers.

Wrapping Up

Because of their performance disadvantages over other types of carpet fibers, acrylic carpets have been disappearing from the market slowly. It is less available than the different carpet fibers, and if available, you’ll find it in nylon or wool carpet blends.

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