5 Ways to Stop Bed Sliding/Moving on Laminate Floor

By Samuel N •  Updated: 10/31/22 • 

One of the most common problems of laminate flooring is that sometimes it is challenging to keep your furniture from sliding on the floor. If your bed keeps sliding or moving when slightly pushed, then we’ve got you.

In this post, I share different ways to stop furniture or your bed from moving or sliding on a laminate floor. Enjoy.

1. Use Non-Slip Furniture Pads

If your bed keeps sliding, placing non-slip furniture pads under the foot of the bed will help. Non-slip furniture pads, also known as anti-slip mats, are mostly made with rubber, reducing friction. This helps keep your bed in place, preventing even the slightest movement.

Apart from keeping your bed from moving, non-slip pads can also protect your laminate floor from the scratches caused by the bed slides. If you’re looking for some good non-slip pads, check out the X-PROTECTOR Non-Slip Furniture Pads.

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These are easy to install with a peel and stick design. They are also good for most types of flooring material including laminate, vinyl, and hardwood.

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2. Use a Rug with a Rug Pad

Putting a rug under the bed is a simple yet effective way of preventing your bed from sliding. However, if you don’t already own a rug, you’ll need to invest in one. You can choose to install an area rug, which can also make your bedroom cozier.

Although rugs work well, the friction will depend on the type of floor. For laminate floors, rugs do not have a good grip, which is why we recommend a rug pad. Rug pads are used under a rug or carpet to enhance the drip. Because not all rug pads are good to use with a laminate floor, choose rubber rug pads.

Rubber rug pads last longer, are eco-friendly, and don’t damage the floor. If you have a carpet, consider adding a rug pad to stop it from slipping.

3. Use Bed Stopper Caster Cups

If your bed has wheels, you do not need to get them off. Although non-slip will not work, you can use caster cups on the wheels to stop them from rolling over your laminate floor. Caster cups protect your floors from casters and heavy furniture legs.

Yupeak Caster Bed Stopper & Furniture Stopper

Yupeak Caster Bed Stopper & Furniture Stopper

Use the Yupeak Bed Stopper & Furniture Stopper for a bed with wheels. It is made from silicone which protects the floor from scratching while securely keeping the bed in place. Apart from a bed with wheels, it can also be used on any furniture with wheels, such as an office chair, desk, table, piano, sofa, couch, and much more.

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These work great for all types of floors including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, marble, and other hard floorings. They are easy to install and should keep your bed or furniture from moving.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

4. Wrap the Bottoms of the Frame with Rubber

If you love DIY projects, then this is a simple one you can undertake in just a little time. Like using a non-slip furniture pad or caster cups, you can wrap a rubber material on the bottom of the bed leg. Rubber has good friction, and it will prevent the bed from moving or sliding out of place.

If you have some rubber material lying around, this is a great chance to recycle. Just wrap it on the legs of your bed, and you should be good to go.

5. Mount the Headboard to the Wall

If the headboard of your bed is near a solid wall, then you can attach it to the wall and prevent the bed from moving. Permanently fixing your bed to the wall is not good. This is why we recommend using a headboard stopper that is easy to install and remove in case of anything.

For a good option, check out the Kreisler Adjustable Threaded Bed Frame Anti-Shake Tool. It is easy to install and does not require any form of drilling to stick to the wall. Apart from holding your bed in position, it can also help muffle noise that passes through the wall.

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