Low Pile vs. High Pile Carpets: Which is Better?

By Samuel N •  Updated: 11/01/22 • 

Carpets add a comfortable and luxurious style to your home. There is always a suitable carpet to choose from, whether it’s meant for a bedroom, living room, stairs, or hallway. However, choosing is not as easy as it looks. You must consider the different carpet materials, types of carpets, and piles.

Carpet pile refers to the height of the carpet fibers from the top surface to the carpet backing. There are two popular carpet piles, low and high. In this post, I’ll discuss these two, their examples, and their comparison. Enjoy.

What is Low Pile Carpet?

A low pile carpet means the fibers are shorter (less than 1/4″) and have a tighter loop. Low-pile carpets appear and feel flat. This type of carpet is best for high-traffic areas because the shorter carpet pile makes it more resistant to matting down.

Apart from handling high foot traffic, a low carpet pile is easier to clean, more durable, less expensive, and has a smooth surface. Dense and shorter fibers make it harder for dirt, pet hair, or dander to embed into the carpet. This is a plus for allergy sufferers because allergens do not lodge within the carpet.

Low-pile carpets are good for most rooms in our homes. A low-pile carpet is good to go, whether it is a bedroom, dining area, stairs, hallway, or children’s playroom.

Low carpet pile types can come in fibers like nylon, PET polyester, or Olefin/Polypropylene. However, PET polyester and olefin are cheaper, and because of their low resiliency, they make good fibers for low-pile carpets.

What is a High Pile Carpet?

A high carpet pile, or deep carpet pile, is a carpet that has longer carpet fibers (More than 1/4″) in height. The long carpet fibers give a high carpet pile a plush and comfy appearance. A good example of a high-pile carpet is the shag carpet.

High carpet pile carpets are good to use in low-traffic areas. They also enhance the aesthetics of a room with their luxurious appearance. The long carpet fibers offer a more cushioning effect, which is great if you have a toddler at home or want to dampen noise and sound transmission.

With that said, high carpet piles are harder to clean and easily mat down when they receive higher foot traffic or if you place furniture and heavy objects on them. Place a high pile carpet in areas receiving little traffic to keep it clean and preserve its appearance for a longer time.

Low vs. High Pile: Which To Choose

Whether you and your family prefer a low-pile or high-pile carpet, you should choose one that fits your preferences and needs. If you still have difficulty choosing, here are some pointers to help you.

Well, there you have it. I hope this article will help make it easier for you to choose between low and high carpet piles. Also, check out the types of carpet piles to learn the ones you can pick for your home.

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