What is Saxony Carpet? The Pros and Cons

By Samuel N •  Updated: 10/31/22 • 

Understanding the different carpet textures and piles will help you make an informed choice when choosing the right carpet for your home. If you’re looking for a classy yet elegant carpet, Saxony is what you need. In this post, I’ll discuss the types of Saxony carpets and their pros and cons. Enjoy.

Sometimes, a Saxony carpet can be referred to as a plush carpet. This is based on the luxurious style and soft feel. Saxony carpets have a velvet-like appearance created by tightly twisting the carpet’s fibers, cutting, and heat treating them to make them straight.

Types of Saxony Carpet

There are two styles of Saxony carpets available: straight and textured.

Straight Saxony, also called velvet Saxony, is the most common type for most homeowners. The carpet fibers of a straight Saxony all run in the same direction, which creates a constant and uniform color. Because of the fiber alignment, a straight Saxony carpet will show footprints and vacuum strokes. Brushing your hands across the carpet’s surface in the opposite direction creates a color difference.

Textured Saxony, also called trackless Saxony, is a new style of Saxony carpet with the same properties as straight Saxony. However, instead of the fibers being straight, they are kinked or twisted in different directions. The twists of the fibers make textured Saxony harder not to show footprints and vacuum marks, thus making the name trackless. You’ll also notice less difference in the color if you brush your hand across the surface of the carpet.

Pros of a Saxony Carpet


Although the durability of a carpet depends on how well you maintain it, a Saxony carpet is long-lasting. It can remain in good condition for years, even when used in high-traffic areas. However, the durability will depend on the type of carpet fiber used, the twist in the fiber, and the pile density. A higher twist number and density will serve you better in the long run.

Soft and Luxurious

The low to mid-pile carpet fibers give Saxony carpets a plush and soft underfoot that is pleasant to walk on. This is especially true for straight Saxony, which is renowned for its velvety feel.

Thanks to the smooth carpet surface, Saxony carpets feel luxurious. They also have a timeless style that works well with the traditional living and modern designs. With a Saxony carpet, you don’t have to worry about the carpet going out of style or looking old.

Cons of a Saxony Carpet

Shows Foot and Vacuum Marks

One of the biggest downsides of a Saxony carpet is its tendency to show vacuum marks and footprints. This is a problem with mostly straight Saxony carpets. If you’re yet to get a carpet, you can opt for a textured Saxony carpet, which should minimize surface marks. Avoid using the beater bar function when vacuuming, which could leave marks on your straight Saxony carpet.

Is a Saxony Carpet Right for Your Home?

If you’re looking for a soft, elegant, and traditional-styled carpet, Saxony might be a perfect choice. I hope this post will help you decide if getting a Saxony carpet is good for your home. You can also check out other types of carpets to make a more informed decision.

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