4 Ways to Stop Washing Machine Moving on Laminate Floor

By Samuel N •  Updated: 10/31/22 • 

One of the problems with laminate floors is they tend to be slippery. Reasons for a slippery laminate flooring can be the use of a super hard coating, polishing or waxing, weather conditions, improper installation, and the age of the floor.

For a slippery laminate floor, you might notice your furniture like a bed sliding or large appliances, like washing machines, moving. You can do something to keep furniture and other large home appliances from moving on laminate flooring.

This post tackles how to stop a washing machine from moving on a laminate floor when spinning. Enjoy.

1. Use Washing Machine Vibration Pads

If your washing machine vibrates and moves while working, washing machine vibration pads are your best bet. This is an easy and economical way to stop the washing machine from moving. Washing machine vibration pads also help quiet down the washing machine as it spins.

The vibration pads are mostly made from rubber. They are smaller, and the washing machine sits on them. The rubber vibration pads grip the floor and the washing machine, which stops it from moving.

Vibrashield anti-vibration pads for washing machines

Vibrashield anti-vibration pads for washing machines

For good washing machine vibration pads, check out the Vibrashield anti-vibration pads for washing machines. Once you install these anti-vibration pads, the results are immediately evident. The vibration pads absorb the vibrations during washer spin cycles and grip the floor, so there is no movement.

2. Use an Anti-Slip Rubber Mat

Anti-slip rubber mats work the way like washing machine vibration pads. However, instead of being positioned on the legs of the machine, a washing machine rests on an anti-slip mat. This provides a bigger surface to absorb vibrations and improves traction and grip.


An Anti-slip rubber mat is an excellent option if your laminate floor is slightly uneven. If you need an anti-vibration mat, check out the IncStores 1/2 Inch Thick Laundry Machine Anti Vibration Mat. It is large enough for a washing machine and dramatically reduces the noise and vibrations of a washing machine.

3. Make Sure the Machine is Level

If a washing machine is not leveled, it will tend to move during the spin cycle. This is a simple problem to fix that can be prevented by adjusting the legs. Use a spirit level on the washing machine and gently rock it. This will give you an idea of where it has lost its balance.

Once you identify the problem, use a rubber material to adjust the level and even it out. Apart from an unlevelled laminate floor, check for dirt and lint accumulation that may cause the machine to be uneven.

4. Evenly Load the Washing Machine

An uneven load in your washing machine cause also causes it to move. This happens because the weight of the clothes can move to one side. This imbalance can cause the washing machine to tilt from its original position.


To avoid a heavy load on one side, balance your clothes when you put them into the washing machine. You should also avoid overloading the washing machine. Underloading can also be a problem, which can cause the washing machine to start vibrating and moving.

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